A point of reference of the Swiss living abroad. It symbolizes the bond with the "Fifth Swiss".

History of the

(in Brunnen known as “Wehrihaggen”)

The former headland became a wonderful square through banking.

Fridolin Fassbind, landlord of the Hotel Weisses Rössli, began to buy land between Leewasser and the shore towards the “Wehrihaggen” in 1856. In 1870, he built the Hotel Waldstätterhof in the area close to the village. In December 1905 he bought the “Wehrihaggen”, which was auctioned by the Bezirk Schwyz. From 1906 the square was banked and the land towards the lake received a strong supporting wall. The idea was to build an entertainment hall on this ground. The “Wehrihaggen” remained property of the Hotel Waldstätterhof until the 700th anniversary of the Swiss Confederation. At that time the square was acquired by the foundation “Stiftung Auslandschweizerplatz”.

(Source Brunnen Tourism, brochure Cultural Path)


The “Area for the Swiss Abroad” – a meadow of 5400 square meters  – is most beautifully situated. The square is a peninsula across from the Rütli. The view into the Urner Alps, the Rigi and towards Lucerne is wonderful and Lake Lucerne makes the picture perfect.
Its situation is very exposed and because of the surrounding mountains the square is often afflicted by a strong western wind, the so-called “Bise” as well as the “Föhn”, a warm gravity wind. The Föhn often roars over the square like a real hurricane. Then the spectacle of nature is overwhelming.

Due to its unique situation the “Area for the Swiss Abroad” is an attraction for guests from all over the world.